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The British Flora

Britain has always been rich in flora diversity, and the ability to conserve it is nothing short of commendable. With plant species running into the thousands on both land and water, it has taken a lot of effort to take care of almost every single one of them.

British flora is part of the Flora of the United Kingdom, which also includes the Flora of Ireland and that of Northern Ireland. Its subcategories are the Flora of Wales, Flora of Scotland, and Flora of England. Plants within this vegetation region fall under the care of the British National Vegetation Classification (NVC) which classifies them under different terrestrial and aquatic (freshwater and marine) segments.

Some great flowers for British gardens explained.

Uses of British Flora

There are numerous uses of different plant species within Britain, sometimes even beyond the region. Private citizens can use the plants in their possession for purposes like construction, but conservation guidelines have to be followed. The use of flowers is also a very popular practice in Britain. These are used for decoration in various events. Some corporations also use plants for industrial purposes like medical research and production.

Protection of the British Flora

Like elsewhere in the world, some species of British flora have been exposed to danger either because of overuse or climatic changes. The NVC is always assessing different plant species to determine what level of risk they face. The most endangered species are put under legal protection, and institutions are mandated to care for them.

So, make sure to provide enough sunlight for them to grow and prosper!