Local New York Companies Work Together For a Brighter Future

One the major things the state of New York has been credited with is their forward thinking. They have been known to be ahead of the pack when it comes to environmental causes and social reform. A dumpster rental queens ny organization has made good its promise to give free dumpsters to any project run by individuals who are looking to save the trees and the environment. This local company with branches all over New York State decided to make this move based on individual incidences that had played out in the State. A social group that is made up of environmentalists talked about the benefits of trees on the environment. They shared certain rules that can help to make the New York State a safe place for everyone. One of the major requests in their presentation was for corporate bodies to work together and support this tree conservation initiative. Many CEOs who received the Video message decided to act in line with the request.

Tree that was planted for the arboretumThe Governor of the State was so impressed by the turnout, and he decided to give some form of moral support to the cause. He stated that based on the volume or financial resource each company commits to this initiative; they will enjoy a good degree of rebate on local tariffs. This policy buoyed the entrepreneurs to take advantage of this window and pump resources to preserve the trees. Most of them believed that it was a mutually beneficial deal because they are indirectly safeguarding the health of their employees. To keep the momentum going, a member of the State Congress began to hold quarterly meetings with the organizations that were fully involved. This led to free publicity for their brand.

The buzz that was generated by this event made all the WHO IS WHO in New York State to come on stream. Companies began to enjoy a favorable public appeal based on this corporate social responsibility drive. Some organizations set aside specific days to plant trees across the city. The commitment of the employers and staff led to many news reports that projected that New York State is going green faster than any area in the United States. The challenge kept ringing across various channels, and other States have started lining up with this tree conservation dream. Most of the companies in New York dedicated staff or a portion of their publicity channels to talk about trees.

Recently, the dumpster rental company – www.DumpsterRentalGuys.com/ partnered with a local media station to run a documentary on trees. They showed how young people could be introduced into the act of tree conservation. The program captured the best ways to present the issues about the environment and trees to people who are as young as three years. The effect of this media stunt hit the right note as many Schools decided to start a Tree Conservation Club. This dumpster rental company told their staff to volunteer 30 minutes in a week to address the students about what the environment stands to gain from this initiative. This pioneering concept began to be institutionalized across various Schools in the State.

The CEO of this organization decided to propose a bill which will make it mandatory for every corporate organization in New York to support tree conservation. Most of the members of the State Congress agreed that it was a good move, but they believed that other considerations will be made. The CEO was advised to dialogue with his colleagues and come up with solutions that will give everyone a fair deal. He agreed to this challenge and has been able to speak to over 15 CEOs about the need to safeguard the environment.

Many people in New York know the Dumpster Rental Guys as one of the leading advocates of tree conservation. The company is seen as a defender for entrenching environmental legacies that will bring tremendous benefits to all. During the presentation of the company’s financial report, it was noted that they were one of the leading investors in preserving the trees. The CEO promised that they were committed to seeing that the environment is safe and they will continue to support various initiatives in this range. He threw a challenge to other CEOs to commit at least 10% of their profits for the cause of tree conservation. He believed that once the environment is safe, businesses have a greater propensity to earn high returns on each investment.